Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let it Snow

I spent the weekend in Park City and man did it snow. I had close to 2 feet of snow on the roof of my car over the span of 2 days. Of course in Park City that is a good day. I heard the skiing was exceptional.

Another great thing about being in Park City was all of the amazing people that we met. We had some really awesome people in the Cowboy Shop this weekend. It is so much fun talking to people, finding out about them and where they are from. It is so cool to be able to introduce the western style of fashion to people.

If you get to Park City be sure to stop in and check out the Cowboy Shop it is on the corner of 4th and Main.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Saddle Maker's Bench

The Burns Bunch has gone bloggy. We have another fun addition to our blog roll http://www.thesaddlemakersbench.blogspot.com/. Our saddle maker, Dan will be sharing some great information and stories about saddles.

Dan is an amazing leather artist, in additon to saddles he creates custom belts and other leather accessories. He has a lot of knowledge to share. You can read stories, ask questions, and get great tips from the blog. Be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hat Couture

Since I have raved about boots so much lately, I am going to talk about another great accessory, Hats. Wearing a hat definitely can give you an attitude or change the attitude you already have, but you have to have the right hat. You could go in to a local chain store and pick one off the shelf, but it will lack something, character. Character is what you will get when you work with a master hatter in designing a hat that is uniquely you.
Beginning with just the right color, finding the correct crown height for you, creating the shape that flatters you and adding the finishing touches to make it so you. Everything about a hat is suited to who you are and what you want to convey.
Sometimes people shy away from buying a hat, because it looks new and everyone will think you are just "trying to be a cowboy". Well first of all who cares what everyone thinks and secondly there is a really cool way around that new look. Distressing is a really cool trend in hats right now.

Of course there are those that say why buy something that looks used? That is the point, it's all broken in without any of the work. Plus it looks like it is something you have had for a while and no one will even know the difference. Also distressing adds that character that we are looking for.

So if you are looking for a little attitude or to change the attitude you have, try on a hat you may be pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Girl Power

At Burns Saddlery, we are owning our products. Each day we are taking turns presenting a product that we carry in the store. We learn about the product features and the manufacturers. We have been doing this for 1 week. In that week there have already been mention of 4 women that bring us the amazing products we carry.

* Carol Gostree designs a line of bits for Equibrand. Carol is a world champion barrel racer that was teaching school and could not find a bit suitable for her horse, she took a bit to the school shop teacher with what she had in mind and had him build one for her. She had been designing bits for over 30 years

* In 1993 Beth Cross and Pam Parker set out to create a new company that would revolutionize footwear for riders. They founded Ariat, America's number one English and Western performance foot wear brand.

* In 1925 Miss Enid Justin founded the Nocona Boot Company following the death of her father " Daddy Joe" Justin. Miss Enid was a key part of the Nocona Boots until her death in October 1990.

History is so important to us at Burns Saddlery, and it has been so fun learning about our manufacturers, especially those great women that have contributed so much to the western lifestyle.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lucchese Classics 101

I know I have written a lot about boots on this blog. I will admit I am a little obsessed, I am so smitten with the quality, construction and visual appeal of the Lucchese Classics. The possibilities are so endless when it comes to choosing a boot.

What if you just aren't finding quite the boot you want? First you can choose from a huge variety of leathers and colors. You can add silk stitching or a cording pattern. You can combine different types of leather; one for the vamp and a different for the quarters. You can add inlays and overlays for a unique dimensional look. Tooling and filigreeing give an artistic look that is absolutely beautiful. There are also so many finishes such as burnishing, stonewashing and destroying. The possibilities are endless.

Then you can choose your toe and heel combination as well as the sole for your boot. Say you see a boot that you like, but the toe is a little narrow for your preference, you can just order it with a different toe. Or maybe the heel isn't quiet you, order a different heel. Lucchese has a toe and heel chart on their website (click the link :http://www.lucchese.com/files/faqs8.pdf and page down to page 7)

The Lucchese Classic boot is so well made. First and foremost the boots are all handmade by skilled craftsmen. No one that makes a Lucchese Classic has worked for the company less than 15 years. The twisted cone last is unique to the Lucchese Classic, all boots are hand lasted using a unique last to provide optimum support and comfort. This kind of care and artistry take time. A custom ordered pair of boots will take a minimum of 12 weeks. The wait is so worth it though, there is nothing quite like getting your own unique quality, custom made pair of boots.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting Back on Your Horse

When I started this blog, I meant to keep myself out of it. As any blogger knows, that is really difficult. This last week has been difficult, my youngest broke her arm pretty badly and had surgery to put her back together. This isn't the first time either, five years ago she fell off of a horse and broke the same arm (different spot) just as badly. It took 2 surgeries and 6 months to get her back, but she was so strong and had such a great attitude.

The reason I am sharing this is because I am so amazed by her strength and outlook on life. She will be 14 years old next week and has been through a lot by most standards, yet she remains strong and positive. That made me think about all the people who "fall off of their horses" figuratively and literally and the inner strength that it takes to get back on. It isn't just the physical act of getting back on, it is the mental aspect of overcoming a bad experience. Every day we are all faced with "falling off our horse" and having the strength to get back on and continue the ride.

That made me realize that is part of "The Cowboy Way" and I am so grateful to be associated with such an amazing way of thinking.