Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Something or Another

Ok, so I have miserably failed at Friday Favorites, mostly because I forget to ask my co workers what their favorite thing is in a timely manner in order to get a blog post written.  So I am going to try Friday Features and see how far I get with that, I should do fairly well as we give product presentations 4 days a week :)

This week we are featuring our Burns Personalized Honey Shotgun Chaps.  These chaps serve as the background in our ad featured in the November 2011 issue of Western Horseman Magazine.

All of our custom chaps are hand made.  They are hand cut, tooled and assembled and we use only the highest quality leather and hardware in our chaps giving you a product that we are proud to put the Burns name on.

The Burns Saddlery Custom Personalized Honey Shotgun Chaps feature
  • Honey chap leather
  • Hand tooled arrowhead basket yoke
  • Chestnut buck stitch accent
  • Unique design and tooling
  • Fringe on side
  • Special selected, hardware
Also notice that these particular chaps include the client's brand on the waist, which is a unique feature that we can incorporate into any of our custom chaps making your chaps one of a kind.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Survivor Recap

I am not sure I understand the spoken word, but after an extremely interesting and rather long rendition from Semhar, the first dual to remain on Redemption Island began, ultmately sending Semhar and her words home. 

Once again our local rancher stunned us with his silence.  Of course it would be difficult to get a word in with Brandon and all of the drama spilling out of his mouth.  For someone who does not like drama, the guy can sure create it.  It is unanimous we all think he needs to go. 

As for Rick, he was awesome at the challenge, as was the entire Upolu tribe earning themselves immunity from tribal council.  As for the Savaii tribe, it made for some rather entertaining television with Papa Bear trying to trick his tribe into thinking he had the hidden immunity idol by running around all sorts of crazy like and going so far as to make a package to stuff in his pants that resembled an idol. By far the best comment of the night came from Cochran along the lines of Papa Bear returning to camp with " a rather large bulge in his pants". Bulge or not, no one seemed to fall for the fake idol scheme, ultimately sending Papa Bear to Redemtion Island to face off with Christine. 

Here's keeping our fingers crossed we at least hear SOMETHING from Rick next week :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday

I have been looking for a fun dress to show off my boots and this cute cap sleeve knit dress from Panhandle Slim fits the bill.

It features a smocked waist, and is shirred at the shoulders with a tie at the back of the neck.  It is available in 5 great colors, black, purple, rust, maroon and brown.  It provides a flattering fit and is extremely soft and comfortable. A great and versatile addition to your wardrobe. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uniquely Us

As we approach a new year (yes, technically it is only the end of September, but for us our "year" begins the October 1st) the Burns family of stores are working very hard to bring you quality products that are exclusive to us.  We are placing added emphasis on our custom built saddles, chaps, belts, and other leather products. We are very pleased with the time and effort put into each one of these products to make sure that the end result is a unique, well crafted, top of the line item that we are proud to put the Burns name on. 

We are also excited to announce the Burns Custom line of hats.  They are built at our Salina location allowing us to provide you with a unique, quality hat that is designed by and built especially for you. 

And as always we are working closely with Lucchesse Boot Company to design unique boots with the Lucchese quality that you have come to expect.  The vast majority of the Lucchese boots that we carry in our stores have been designed by one of the members of the Burns Team and are only avaliable through us. 

Watch for more in depth posts on all of our exclusive Burns items in the months to come.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Homecoming Part 2

I really meant to post this Wednesday, however with a daughter that is a cheerleader and president of her class, I have been running around like a crazy woman.  I have attended 2 assemblies, ran her all over the north end of the county to hang signs,  run home several times to get this or that she forgot and take it to her, paint signs for a float, and line up supplies for the float. Needless to say Homecoming has taken on a life of it's own at my house.

So I was going to share with you the many activities that we have in our little town. Tuesday was the King & Queen contest, guys and girls from the senior class pair up and run together.  This year they did a skit, modeled personality wear and answered an on stage question.  Still no word as to who won, I will remember to ask :) Tuesday night was a home volleyball game that everyone was encouraged to wear blue.  The boys really get into this one painting their faces blue and the whole 9 yards.

Wednesday brought the lip sync.  There were some pretty funny skits, but as usual the faculty stole the show with their "Mash Up" of the 1980's.  Thursday was the pep assembly led by our cute cheerleaders,

Friday brings the parade, tail gate party and the big game.  The best part of the entire week, Go Wolves!!!!  Saturday will conclude the week with cleaning off the windows and the Homecoming Dance.  Then once again, our little town will back to "normal", if that is at all possible.  It is great to have traditions to look forward to and make memories of.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rancher Rick- Under the Radar

Just so you know, that is the least we have ever heard Rick Nelson say.  Now I understand this is a 1 hour show and it is several hours of film edited to make it a 1 hour show, but seriously knowing Rick,  I would have expected a little more.  I also understand strategy, and I am certain that Rick knows how to play the game and keeping just enough under the radar in the beginning is a good plan.

Regardless, there was a little bit of drama in the Upolu Tribe that made for some really interesting TV.  We are so over the entire Brandon is Russell's Nephew. Really, Who Cares?????  We did find it rather humorous that he is so incredibly freaked out by Mikayla, its not really her fault that she is the cutest girl in the tribe and he can't handle it.  It would be a foolish move to vote out the strongest female player for nothing other than being attractive.  Luckily, Coach put the little white lie Brandon told him about Stacey and Christine voting for Mikayla out on the table and it backfired :) Funny how Brandon didn't end up putting Mikaylas name down either.  However, in the end, Christine getting voted out was obviously the best move.  And all the while during this tribal council, not a word from Rick, unusual for sure.

Here is hoping next week our local rancher has more to say so that everyone can get to see Rick the way that we do :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As the west is rich in traditions, so are the small towns.  In our small town of Salina, the location of our flagship store, Burns Saddlery, we are celebrating Homecoming this week. Hopefully everyone is familiar with homecoming, the tradition of welcoming back former residents of an area or alumni from a school.  I was curious where this tradition originated so I went to my favorite place to find out, Bing and did a search.  Of course Wikipedia was there with an explanation as always.

According to Wikipedia the first official homecoming game was the University of Missouri's 1911 football game in which alumni were encouraged to attend. It was the first annual homecoming centered around a parade and football game (which if my math is correct this is a one hundred year old tradition).  The history leading up to this game, dates back to 1891 when the Missouri Tigers first faced off with the Kansas Jayhawks which is the oldest college rivalry west of the Mississippi.  The intense rivalry took place on neutral sites for many years, until a conference regulation announced intercollegiate football games be played on college campuses.  To renew excitement in the rivalry, ensure a good turn out for the game and celebrate the first meeting of these two teams on the campus in Columbia, Missouri, the athletic director invited alumni to "come home" for the game.  Along with the football game the celebration included a parade and spirit rally with a bon fire.

As with many homecoming celebrations, there are many different activities going on. It is tradition that the classes along with the organizations at the High School paint the windows on the local businesses. 

The cheerleaders generally paint the windows of Burns Saddlery.  They are always so clever and the windows turn out great.

The cheerleaders also make signs for all of those students participating in the fall athletics, football, volleyball, cross country, golf and soccer.  They hang them on the houses of the athletes so everyone knows that it is the "Home of a Wolf".

Stay tuned tomorrow for a run down of the rest of the weeks activities. I love small town life :).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorite

I am going a little off the beaten path with this Friday's Favorite. It is football!!!!! At Burns Saddlery we love football, from High School to College to the NFL.  This may not seem all that important and exciting until you factor in that 75% of our working population here at the store are women.  We love our teams. From our local high school, to the Runnin Utes and BYU cougars, to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts. 

We all have our favorites and can't wait for them to play again. Then we have such a great time talking about the games and analyzing them.  Football is by far our favorite sport!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hopefully everyone saw last night's premier of Survivor: South Pacific.  We only got to see a glimpse of Rick's personality and humor, but we got to see what a hard worker and competitor he is with the immuity challenge.  He definately shined and did his part helping his tribe win immunity. 

He also was included in the 5 person alliance with Albert, Brandon, Coach and Sophie.  According to Coach, having a strong 5 will take you far and first day alliances are the strongest and it has been proven time & time again.  Sweet, this is right where we want our rancher from Utah to be :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday

If you live in Utah, it would have to be a jacket of course.  Fall has made an appearance and the mornings and evenings can be a bit chilly.  But no need to worry, Cruel Girl and Cinch have it covered.  These bonded jackets will keep you warm, the wind off of you and keep you looking great in the process.

The ladies jacket is a great color blocked charcoal grey with royal blue lining and black accents.  It features zip pockets as well as an MP3 pocket, adjustable and windproof cuffs and lining. It is finished with the Cruel Girl logo and custom zipper pull. 

The men's jacket is a black with red lining and accents. It also features the zip pockets and zippered MP3 pocket. The cuffs are adjustable as well.  It is topped off with the Cinch logo uniquely running vertically along the zipper.

Check out these great jackets as well as the other great outerwear we have on our website

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes You've Got It and Sometimes You Don't

If I had it, I think I've lost it.  Sometimes I can be so organized and on the ball, I have my posts all planned out, written, scheduled to post and on top of everything. Then sometimes I can forget all together I am suppose to be responsible to post on a blog.  It occurs to me late at night and by that time, I am fresh out of ideas.  So obviously the past few weeks, I don't have it. 

It could be that as a mother of 2 freshmen, 1 in high school and 1 in college I have gotten a little preoccupied in trying to be super mom. Or it could be that it is getting close to the end of our fiscal year at work and that means time to evaluate the past year and prepare for next.  It might be that I need to invest in some Ginko Biloba to improve my memory as it seems not to be working as efficiently as it once did. Excuses aside, I need to find it and quick.

I guess all of that said, I am human and I am bound to drop a few of the balls that I am juggling.  I'll try to do a better job of keeping this one in the air from now on :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Look

We have been waiting for this for a very long time and it is finally here, the new and improved Burns Cowboy Shop Website.  The girls in Park City have been working very hard to get this up and running.It is definitely worth the wait, and they have done a fantastic job. The new site is more interactive along with a cleaner and sharper look.  They will continue adding inventory so check it out and check back often

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Interview Hat

Beginning next Wednesday, the entire staff of Burns Saddlery in addition to several of their customers will be glued to the television for the premier of Survivor: South Pacific.

We are so excited to see one of our funnest customers, Rick Nelson, battle it out to become the next Survivor.  It will be easy to spot Rick as he is wearing one of 2 hats from Burns Saddlery in the show. We  call this one the "interview hat" as he has been wearing it on the interviews and meet the cast spots that have been on.

In the show he will mostly be wearing a black 20X hat that we also set him up with. He will be easy to pick out ,in addition to the fact that he is just so likeable and we are all predicting that he will be a favorite (of course we are a little biased). 

I can't wait to see how things play out and recap the show every Thursday starting next week. So set your DVR's!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boot of the Month

Since I am a little in to retro this week, this month's boot is reflecting that. This great 1960's inspired boot comes from Boulet. The vamp is a great oiled aztec taurus and the quarter has a fun hippie flower print. The boot also features a medium square toe and a stockman heel. This boot is a great "blast from the past" addition to any wardrobe.