Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sorry I missed last week, I was out of town, but I did manage to catch the show and all I can say about that is holy crap, Rancher Rick survived by the grace of a nerd.  I was eager to find out how it all played out this week and here goes. Cochran has secured his safety for the time being, much to the distaste of his former tribe members.  In a surprise to us, there were 2 tribal councils held sending Ozzy then Jim to Redemption Island with Keith.  Obviously the plan is to pick off the Savaii Tribe members one by one, but once they are gone, then how will they determine who stays and who goes????Also perplexing us just a bit is how they are going to do eliminations from Redemption Island with 3 people being there.
We can't wait for next week.

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