Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Date a Cowgirl

Every so often I browse the internet looking for fun websites and blogs to add to my links ( I did find and add a few really good links, so check them out). This time I came across this article on e-how.com entitled How to Date a Cowgirl by an eHow Contributor. I read it and found it quite interesting, here are some of the highlights.

If your idea of fun includes rodeos, honky-tonks, and country music, then you might want to settle down with a cowgirl. Down to earth with an appreciation for the simple things in life, cowgirls make for great companions. Before you set out to find love on the open plain, read on for more information on how to date a cowgirl

1. Frequent cowgirl friendly establishments. Country- western bars, honky- tonks and rodeos are just a few places you're likely to find cowgirls. Keep up with your community's calendar to take advantage of more opportunities

2. Dress the part. Cowgirls are looking for cowboys, so don't leave the house without your Wranglers and cowboy hat. Don't look like you are in character, but put some thought into your appearance. Think rugged & masculine

3. Rope her in. Initiate conversation relating to horses, country-western music or ask her to go two-stepping. Dates should be designed around the cowboy way of life.

4. Pace yourself, and don't rush the relationship. Cowgirls believe in old fashioned values and command respect.

5. Give her some space. Once you have landed a lady, don't smother her. Cowgirls are independent, self-sufficient and like to hold the reins in a relationship.

The article goes on to give tips & warnings for dating a cowgirl. Some of this has some merit, but it also makes me wonder who comes up with this stuff ??????

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  1. Remember that cowgirls, are usually not in hats and wranglers, only when they are entered. Independance yes, honky tonks and bars probably not so much. The practice pen everyday thats where the real girls hang out!!